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Regenerative Cultivation Practices

Sam Mattson started using regenerative cultivation practices early in his cannabis career. Starting with simple living soil and top dress amendments he was able to gain basic soil biology knowledge and develop consistent results to start basing experiments on.
Throughout the past decade he as attended many conferences and classes on regenerative agriculture that has led him to hone his cultivation style to purely local inputs.

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KNF or Korean Natural Farming is a type of regenerative agriculture that relies heavily on the native flora, fungi and indigenous micro organisms in the area. Using a variety of fermented local vegetation and fruits along side compost, compost teas, worm castings and those captured indigenous micro organisms, Sam has found he is able to cultivate a product that brings how the true expression of the plant, maximizing plant health allowing for higher terpene and THC percentages while leaving behind as little footprint on the environment as he possibly can.

In a classically wasteful industry our goal is to be the gold standard for sustainability.

A farmer's hand checking the status of his marijuana plants and their growing condition and form so that he can soon harvest his marijuana tea product.
Industrial hemp or cannabis farm plantation in the rural belgium

Quality Genetics

A major part of our process is accredited to our state of the art lab where we have been developing for over 20 years. Click below to learn more.

Our Lab

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