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Welcome to Stone Leaf !  We are lifelong Vermonters committed to offering you the highest quality cannabis products.  Our grow is located on Sam’s farm in the Northeast Kingdom in Marshfield, VT.  Our processing facility, kitchen and retail store are located in Artisans Park in Windsor, VT.  We grow about 30 of our own strains that have been developed over a 20 year breeding program.  We make all our own concentrates, gummies and taffy using solventless extraction.  We love what we do and are working every day to perfect our craft.  You can buy our products at select retailers around the state and we would happily welcome you to our store in Windsor.  Hope to see you soon.

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Nick Castro has spent the last 20 years experimenting with different genetic cultivars.  His process involves combining different genetics and hunting them for selected winners; utilizing a network of growers across the country to expand his final selections.  He strives to develop genetics that will grow well in our unique VT climate, maximize TAC content and maintain natural resistance to issues that are known to arise in our New England climate. Breeding intent hasn’t been limited to just flower production, but expanded to specific trichome structures for hash and rosin production. To date, Nick’s genetic store consists of over 40 strains in plant form and hundreds still in seed. Even with the best breeding pairs selected, the chances of finding a true keeper can be as much luck as it is skill. The Stone leaf breeding programs strives to constantly innovate and push the edges of new compelling flavors and THC profiles.


Cannabis plant growing in Stone Leaf Greenhouse



Here at Stone Leaf, we build sustainability into everything we do.  At the farm, Sam uses Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques which involve creating his own “teas” from local plants and shrubs.  In the wash room, Nick uses a solventless processing technique to make our rosin, hash and edibles.  That means no butane, propane or other oil based products.  And all of our locations are powered by a 500 kw solar project located in Springfield, VT.  We care deeply about our carbon footprint and are doing everything we can to produce as clean a product line as possible while minimizing our energy intensity.  Please reach out if you would like more information on our sustainability practices.


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